How it works
Follow these few simple steps to make your wishes come true with
To start your first fundraising campaign you need to register your account. To do this, simply open and fill in the registration form. Shortly after you will receive a confirmation link, check your email box and follow the link.
Then log in to your new account and enter the details of your first certificate in the special field to activate it. You can obtain the Certificate for free from your Nacometa referring member or by requesting on the website.
After that, you will be suggested to make 4 small charitable donations of 10, 20, 30 and 40 Euro. By doing that you help people in need to get closer to their dreams!
Then you will be referred to a website of a third-party software provider. Subscribe for the services to track all the donations you receive from other members and see how close you are from your final goal.
Straight after that, you will get 4 valid nacometa Certificates to invite new members to the community.

Share your Nacometa Certificates with your friends, colleagues or family members. Surround yourself with like-minded people and let them all help you to realize your dream!

Once you are there, you will automatically start receiving numerous transfers, up to €12520 per certificate! You can set up multiple campaigns for all of your dreams!
Start today as already tomorrow you could be where you've always dreamed to be! Don't give up, altogether we can make the miracles happen, because each dream matters